I’m Kim Brinkmann

Owner, graphic designer, writer, bookkeeper, project manager, errand runner, dog walker, and chief coffee maker at Design Queue. In other words, this is a one-woman shop.

I started my company, Design Queue, in the fall of 2007. When I created my business, my goal was to provide high-quality creative services at a competitive rate. This is why you won’t find me leasing a downtown office or hiring any employees. I operate with low overhead and keep a manageable client load, so that I can continue to provide budget-friendly, quality services for my clients.

I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic companies and individuals around the Spokane region on hundreds of different communication projects. My specialty is corporate communication but I have been delighted to work with a small business or two in my time.

Kim Brinkmann, Spokane Graphic Designer

Why me?

Organized Creative
(Oxymoron? Or the talent you need?)

My unique combination of the left and right brain functions makes me a rare commodity in the creative industry. I balance my creative skills with my natural tendency toward organized, methodical, and analytical work processes.

Initially, an organization will come to me to solve their design and communication problems with creative and insightful solutions. But they keep coming back because they know I will meet their deadlines, I will come in on budget, I will answer their emails and calls, and I will help them get the results they want.

Kim Brinkmann—an organized creative


Creative Direction & Design

This is my bread and butter and what brings most of my clients in the door. Whether you need print or digital output, there is no limit to what I can design for your organization. With more than a decade of experience, I successfully handle any design project that comes my way.

Project Management

Whether procuring print quotes, creating timelines, or keeping the project on schedule, I communicate with you every step of the way. This level of service ensures that everything runs smoothly from project kickoff to final delivery. This is my left-brain working for you.

Custom Art

Even with endless photography and graphics resources, sometimes you want artwork that is completely unique to your business. Equipped with a background in fine arts, I create unique solutions for projects in any medium (digital, paint, photography). The possibilities are endless.

Writing & Editing

Maybe you want a little help organizing your content, or perhaps you need a catchy headline. I integrate writing and design, with a mind for tone, brand, and audience. This seamless integration means your communication has more impact, cohesion, and flow.

Print & Digital Solutions

Including (but certainly not limited to)…

annual reports

blog images


business cards

digital signage

direct mail

display ads

email marketing










social media images

website customization & graphics

white papers

Client Comments

Applied Insight

I’m constantly stunned by Kim’s Renaissance woman ability to do everything from driving deadlines, project management, creative/design, writing, and thoughtfully pushing back on key things to help us think differently. Seriously. She’s a unicorn.

– Deanna Davis, Ph.D., CEO
Applied Insight, LLC

Crux Subsurface

 Kim has the ability to quickly and easily adapt creative concepts, and has been a key component to developing some of our most essential marketing materials.  With quick turnaround times and attentiveness to budget, Kim has been a fantastic partner for all of our design needs.

– Sydney McNeal, Marketing Director
Crux Subsurface, Inc.

Better Health Together

Kim is amazing. She took our back-of-the-envelope scratching and seamlessly designed a set of marketing materials that aligned with our voice and brand. Her quick turnarounds and helpful suggestions make her a go-to part of our team.

– Alison Carl White, Executive Director
Better Health Together


The projects featured display my range of experience in strategic communication within the banking, engineering, healthcare, non-profit, and community service sectors. I also enjoy working with small businesses and start up ventures to help get their business communication off to a good start.


You can contact me one of the following ways:

509.979.9295 (voice or text)